A multifunctional water treatment programme in a SINGLE, EASY TO USE TABLET!

Bonchem ThermoTab All-in-One® has been specially Developed for use in small cooling systems (typically less than IOORT - recirculation tonnage) with low or no water treatment service in place.

Bonchem ThermoTab All-in-One® is an effective multifunctional treatment for algae, bio fouling, inorganic deposits and yellow metal corrosion problems.

Bonchem ThermoTab All-in-One® are easy to use - no dosing pump required. Simply suspend tablets in the cleaning/flushing water or in a convenient area of water recirculation (Figure 2). A floating container can also be used.

Bonchem ThermoTab All-ln-One® can be used in long and short half life systems.

Bonchem ThermoTab All-in-One® do not contain oxidising biocides and therefore eliminate corrosion problems associated with overuse of oxidising biocides.

Bonchem ThermoTab All-in-One® solid tablet form means there are no liquid spill hazards and no powder dust problems.

Bonchem ThermoTab All-in-One® eliminate the need to transport heavy containers to the top of buildings.

Bonchem ThermoTab All-in-One® removes the concerns and cost of safe disposal of empty containers.


Figure 1: Cooling tower packing free from algea and inorganic deposits after 40 days application of Bonchem ThermoTAB All-In-One tablets®.


Figure 2: Easy application of Bonchem ThermoTAB All-In-One tablet®.


Dosing Guidelines:

  • One tablet (200g) for every 50RT (about 1 tonne holding volume) cooling system.
  • Start-up treatment programme: if system is fouled, for every 50RT, suspend 2 to 3 tablets directly under the flushing water to rapidly establish the required chemical concentration for effective treatment.
  • If system is cleaned before chemical treatment, place one tablet for every 50RT (about 1 tonne holding volume) in an area where water is moving or agitated.
  • Tablets should be replenished every time the water in the cooling system is replaced i.e. every month on small Cooling systems with no blow down.


Treatment period was 2 Months.

ThermoTab All-in-One was used for this test:


  • Scale and corrosion in the system were well controlled, with corrosion rates of 0 mpy achieved for both mild steel and copper metal.
  • Microbiological control was good, with bacteria count of zero found after the treatment period.


 Bonchem ThermoTab All-in-One® consists of a proprietary combination of the most effective algae and microbiological control agents and organic antiscalant technology for crystal modification and dispersion with an efficient yellow metal corrosion inhibitor.