This is our oxidising and non-oxidising biocide technology.
That protects your cooling water system against microbiological activity.

STERAQUE® biodispersants

Oxidising materials:

  • Can oxidise organic matter.
  • Irreversibly oxidise protein groups.

Non-oxidising materials:

  • Destroy or inhibit normal cell metabolism through:
    • Altering permeability.
    • Destroying protein groups.
    • Precipitating protein.
    • Blocking metabolite reaction.

STERAQUE® biocide classification

  • Improved penetration of biocide within bacterial slime.
  • Disperse release bacteria and biofilm into bulk water for removal by blowdown.
  • Reduces the ability for bacteria to attach to the system surface.
  • Improves performance of non-oxidising and particularly oxidising biocides.

Safeguard your water cooling system with Bonchem's STERAQUE®